Baird Ranch 612 Acres

Approx. Acreage: 612
Price: $1,199,000
Location: Kinney County
Nearest City: Brackettville
Topo Map | Aerial Map | Interactive Map

The Baird Ranch is a great TURNKEY HIGH FENCED HUNTING RANCH in the transition zone. It is at the end of the road, making it very quiet and private, but easily accessible!


Located in northeast Kinney County, about 15 miles northeast of Brackettville and 38 miles northwest of Uvalde. Access is off Tularosa Rd (FM 3199), about 3.5 miles via an easement road.


The 2 bedroom/2 bath house built in 2013 is perfect for your weekend getaway—very comfortable and nice without being overdone. It is completely powered by solar energy and propane, with a generator as a backup for the solar panels. There are 2020 total square feet under the roof including 660’ of covered porches, one being screened in. The house has an open living/dining/kitchen area, along with a pantry, utility room and gun vault. It has a seamless metal roof; granite countertops throughout; copper and stainless sinks; Anderson windows with pop out feature for easy cleaning; extra insulation in all walls, ceilings and floors; 4-½ ton heat pumps with remotes; 2” x 6” studs in back wall with a vaulted ceiling; and last but not least, an outdoor shower! The stove, water heater, refrigerator and dryer are all run off propane.


The ranch is loaded with game! Along with whitetail, there are turkey, quail, dove, hogs, aoudad, sika and axis deer. There are also plenty of critters such as fox and bobcat. The owner has fed protein pretty much year round for the past 5 years. He has followed a management program all this time, with basically only management type bucks and does harvested. The bucks being seen now are the reward of his efforts!


The Baird Ranch is in the transition zone between the South Texas Brush Country and the Texas Hill Country. The topography ranges from relatively flat fertile grassy valleys to beautiful hilltops with spectacular views. The high protein South Texas brush lends itself to growing superior whitetail bucks!


The ranch has 2 wells, each about 500’ deep, 10-12 gpm and powered by solar panels. There are approximately 2 miles of pipe laid which feed the house (fed by both wells), 2 ponds (one below the house which is lined with bentonite and one in the NW corner that ducks enjoy!) and several water troughs. There’s plenty of water for the game!


• High fenced—excellent condition
• Approximately 4 miles of roads
• 3 deluxe double deer stands, 4 spin feeders and 3 protein feeders
• Steel storage unit for your ATV’s, feed, etc
• 3 acre high fence pen with water and feeder
• Electric gates with remotes


Ag-use valuation is in place, using wildlife management. 2017 taxes were $615.



DISCLOSURE: In 2001, the Texas Animal Health Commission reported that cases of Anthrax were reported within a triangle area extending from Uvalde to Eagle Pass to Ozona. Buyer acknowledges that this property lies within the area of that triangle. Broker and Seller make no warranty as to the past, present or future existence of Anthrax or related conditions on property.